It’s The Little Things


Sometimes it’s the little things that act as a glue to hold a D/s relationship together.  I have to admit I haven’t always been the perfect slave that I aspire to be.  I’ve slipped up along the way.  I’ve earned my share of punishments for forgetting my place.  Only last week I yelled at Mistress during a heated discussion over a non D/s related situation.  Yes, I was punished for that. 

I want to be sure nothing like that happens again.  I seem to be at my best as a service slave.  When Mistress has me performing acts of service, and I’m not just talking sexual, even mundane little things, I kneel as I perform them for Her.  Now I’ve taken to kneeling and kissing the back of Her hand at the completion of whatever I was doing for Her.  It might sound a simple inconsequential little thing but I get a jolt of pure submission when I do this.  It feels like an act of respect and humility and it really reminds me of my place in our relationship.  Mistress seems to appreciate the gesture and has started to hold Her hand out for me to kiss.  Knowing She now expects and demands this act each time just adds to my submissive mindset.  I’m glad I started doing it and I feel our relationship is now fully on track.

My Wonderful Strict Mistress!


There’s something about strict women.
I’m on Tumblr now.  I post there as PaddledHusband.  I posted something there about strict women and it inspired my new blog.

When Mistress uses a certain tone of voice or looks at me a certain way, my knees go weak and I just can’t refuse Her anything.  I love when She goes into strict mode.  Ordering me over Her lap or ordering me to perform some act of service or other.  I just answer ‘yes, Mistress’ and rush to obey what ever instruction She has given me. 

And can She spank?!!  She has me hopping around the bedroom hands clasped to my bum.  Or squirming over Her lap and yelping like a puppy!  I wouldn’t want Her any other way, but sometimes, just occasionally, I wish She wasn’t quite so effective with the hairbrush, or strap, or paddle in Her hand.

Then afterwards when She hugs me, when She caresses my hot sore bottom, when She whispers soothing words in my ear, all the pain I just went through becomes so worthwhile.

Yes, strict, cruel, dominant women are the very best!  Long may they rule!

Feeling More Like A Slave


Life has been getting in the way lately and our D/s lifestyle has taken a bit of a backseat.  Hence the lack of posts.

Lately I’ve been feeling like reconnecting as Her slave and we’ve renewed our relationship.  But something has happened to deepen our connection further.

Mistress is having pain in Her right arm, Her dominant arm.  I don’t know if it’s a trapped nerve or a muscle strain.  But Her arm is giving Her a lot of pain and She is unable to do a lot of things for Herself.

And that’s where I come in.  For the past two days I’ve had to dress and undress Her, help Her bathe, put Her hair in a ponytail for Her.  And, while I’m hating seeing Her in pain, I’m loving having to serve Her in all these new ways.  I feel more like Her slave now than I’ve ever felt before.  She keeps apologizing that She has to make me do all these things but I’m working hard to reassure Her that I am more than happy to serve Her any way She needs.  Hopefully when Her arm is better we can continue with some, if not call, these things I’m helping Her with.  The more Mistress makes me do for Her the more it feeds my submissive nature and the better slave I can be. 

Serving Mistress is freeing me to be the man I am meant to be.

Wedding Anniversary


It’s O/our wedding anniversary today so I would just like to take this opportunity to wish Mistress a very happy anniversary.  Ten years!  It has flown by.  Thank You for falling in love with me and for taking me as Your slave.  W/we haven’t been active on the D/s front for a while, hence the lack of posts.  Life has gotten in the way with lots of stress.  But I’m going to use this day to get back to the basics of who I am and reconnect with my submissive nature.  One thing will never change…

I will always be Property Of My Mistress!

When That Craving Strikes!


Do you ever get that craving for a no holds barred ass blistering?  To be held down and given a long severe spanking with no choice but to take it?  I haven’t had a spanking like this for a while.  But from nowhere the craving struck.  I hadn’t been reading about spanking, or looking at spanking pics.  Hell, I hadn’t even been thinking about spanking!  But out of nowhere there it was.  That tingling in my bottom, that urge to feel that fiery sting that only one thing can satisfy. 

I approached Mistress about it.  She didn’t exactly need convincing.  In fact She leapt at the chance.  She warned me it would be severe, that She wouldn’t hold back.  I felt that shiver of fear, the fear that I may have bitten off more than I could chew.  But that craving was there and it would not be denied.  So minutes later I was laying over Her lap, my ass in the air, naked and vulnerable.  As I’ve mentioned before I live naked at home so there was no need to waste time lowering pants.  Mistress handcuffed my hands in front of me so I would not be able to reach back.

And then She began to spank me.  She gave me 100 hard smacks with our short handled bathbrush.  The spanking was hard enough to have me squirming and wriggling.  After the first 100 She rubbed my bottom briefly.  Then the spanking began again.  Harder, more painful.  I could feel the burn build and build.  I was becoming vocal now, yelping and gasping.  The sting was intense.

Another moment or respite, another (too short) round of rubbing.  Then Mistress took a firm hold on me.  I knew I had another round and I knew this would be the no holds barred part.  The spanking that followed was one of the most intense I have ever received.  The pain was unbelievable.  Yet even as I squirmed and yelped, I welcomed the pain.  This was what I had been craving.  I pushed my bottom up to meet the hard and fast rain of spanks.  It was one of those moments when you almost go into subspace, taking a Spanking far more severe than you would normally be able to take.  The agony and the ecstasy all rolled into one magical submissive moment.

Mistress finished the session with ten hard stinging strokes of the paddle.  My ass doesn’t seem to redden easily, but now it’s swollen and so hot and sore.  I love that feeling.

The best thing in life is having someone willing and able to satisfy those intense cravings when they happen.  I’m so happy to have Mistress, and moments like this only serve to make me adore Her even more!

A Belated New Year Post!


I just realized I haven’t posted my first blog of 2015.  I really am getting bad at keeping up my blog.

I probably deserve to be punished.

At least it would give me something to blog about! (Grin)

The truth is there hasn’t been much to blog about.  Mistress and I were both sick with the flu for the first two weeks of this month.  We got out of the routine of our relationship.  We’re both better now and we’re back in the groove.  So hopefully there will be some action soon.  Mistress has gotten interested in orgasm control.  It’s my fourth or fifth day since I last came.  She loves to tease me.  Stroking me, getting me hard, even producing pre-cum.  It drives me crazy as we’re both new to this.  I don’t think She is going to go as far as chastity.  But we’re having fun with this.  I have a high sex drive and I do masturbate fairly often.  It’s taking a lot of will power not to make myself cum.  But I want Mistress to be able to trust me and I don’t want to let Her down.  I know from experience that when I haven’t cum for a few days my orgasms tend to be very intense.  Especially when we are engage in some D/s play first.  Hopefully we’ll break out that Bondage set again soon.  I love when Mistress ties me up and does whatever She feels like.

Anyway, happy new year to all my followers.  I’m sorry it’s so late.  We’re bunkered down now due to a big snowstorm.  So tomorrow would be a good time to play!

Merry Christmas To My Readers!

My Mistress and I would like to wish a very merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate it and  Happy Holidays to those who don’t.  We hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.  Have a fun and kinky weekend!  I thought I’d share something red.  After all…it IS the season!


Thank you for following and reading my blog. I appreciate every one of you.  I appreciate all the likes and comments.

I never thought when I started what I thought was going to be a simple spanking blog that it would turn into something of a slave journal.  I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share in 2015 so I hope you’ll stick around.  After all, you wouldn’t want to leave me talking to myself….would you? 

All Tied Up!




So last night we finally had a good session with our new bondage set.  It’s basically a set of straps with hooks on that can be connected together.  They are pretty strong and can secure you well.  To start with there are a set of padded wrist cuffs and a set of ankle cuffs.  You put those on and build from there.  The second picture above was Mistress’s first experiment using all the pieces.  I was tied pretty thoroughly and could hardly move.  It felt amazing.  But it was hardly practical as all the vital areas are pretty much inaccessible.  Still it felt amazing to be trussed up like that.

After about twenty minutes Mistress released me and we took a shower together, before returning to the bedroom and carrying on where we left off.  Mistress reattached the wrist and ankle cuffs then connected the two sets.  Then She put a strap around my body and connected that.  I could hardly move.  Of course She zeroed in on my nipples.  Does anyone else find their nipples are much more sensitive when you are tied up and helpless?  Mine are extremely sensitive at the best of times.  But last night I could hardly bear to have them touched at all.  Naturally that didn’t stop Mistress.  She loves to torment me!  She lightly bit them, sucked them, raked Her nails across them.  I get shivery now just thinking about it.  Then She spent some time caressing my body, before moving on to my balls and my cock.  She sucked me for a while, which was amazing!  She flickered Her tongue all over the head, which drives me out of my mind!  She wouldn’t let me cum though.  Not yet, anyway.

After a while Mistress wanted some attention of Her own, which of course is Her right!  So She untied me and I went down on Her until She had one of the hardest orgasms She has had in a while.  I love to lick Her pussy and She is always noisily appreciative of my efforts!  Then She allowed me to make love to Her.  I came a lot!  My orgasms always seem so much stronger and more copious when we have a BDSM session.  I always feel that pressure building long before I actually cum.  I know a few of my followers are into chastity, but that’s not our thing.  Mistress does like to tease and deny and sometimes She will take Her pleasure from me without letting me have my release.  But She does also let me have my share of orgasms. 

Mistress is already planning future sessions with our new toy.  She’s going to tie me to a chair and beat me.  She’s also going to tie me up as we watch television together from time to time.  Our new purchase seems like a pretty good investment!

Happy Birthday To My Mistress!


This is just a quick post to wish my Mistress a very happy birthday.  As always I am at Your service to do anything You want.  I love being Your slave and will always submit my will to You.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart for taking me as Your slave.  Our relationship is so much stronger this way and I know I’m a better man when I submit to You.

We went to a store yesterday and bought a new bondage set. It’s nothing fancy but it will give Mistress some new options of what to do with me.  We tried it out briefly last night.  It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.  The pic shows just part of the set.  I think I’m going to be a bit tied up in future!

Simple Acts Of Service.


I feel my relationship with Mistress is developing and deepening further as time goes by.  I’ve always enjoyed doing things for Her.  Cooking for Her, serving Her food, fetching and carrying, buying Her little things etc.  Last night for the first time in ages I washed Her hair.  It’s a simple enough act, but wonderfully intimate, with both of us naked in the shower.  She derived such obvious pleasure from me washing Her hair, so I have a feeling this will be a regular thing from now on.  And today I had the task of straightening Her hair.  Again, a simple enough act that takes greater significance given our lifestyle.

Mistress has always had trouble ordering me around.  She’s very reasonable and usually just asks me to do something ‘when I’ve got a moment.’. Last night I noticed that She started telling me to do things rather than asking.  I’m not going to comment on it as I don’t want Her to become conscious of the change and go back to Her more polite self.  I’m not looking for Her to start barking orders like a drill sergeant, as that would be too much and not like Her at all.  I’d like Her to be more comfortable telling me to do things and asserting Her authority more.  This seems to be happening.  I know I get a great deal of pleasure from pleasing Her and doing things for Her.  A lot of chores I’ve taken to doing without being asked and She seems to be noticing this and appreciating it.  Maybe this is giving Her the confidence to be more assertive, as is Her right.

She certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to spanking me, as the photos I share demonstrate.  She has gone out to have lunch with Her mother and left me with a few things to do.  It’s Her birthday tomorrow so I plan to spoil Her rotten this weekend.  Now I’m off to put some Christmas decorations up and make the place look nice for Mistress when She comes home.  I love my life and I adore my Mistress!

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