Submission Is In My Soul!


Submission is in my soul.  Even when life gets in the way, even when our D/s lifestyle has to be put to one side due to outside pressures and stresses, I can still slip back into my role when the time comes to take my place as Her slave once more.  It’s as easy as slipping into a coat.  This part of me that will not be denied.  This is the reason I haven’t posted on here in a long while.  But Mistress has put me back in my place.

We’ve had a very stressful family situation that has taken a lot of our time and energy the past several months.  The situation is now over and I can resume my position kneeling at the feet of my Mistress.  But this has made me realize one thing.  Being a slave isn’t just a role.  Just something I do.  Being a slave is everything to me.  It’s as essential as breathing.  So hopefully I’ll have more to blog about very soon. 

Even though we put the lifestyle on hold I’ve still enjoyed serving Mistress in various ways as and when time permitted.  The lifestyle might have been put on hold but my feelings weren’t.  As I said a slave is what I am.  Everything I do reflects that.  So I’m finally back.  Did you miss me?

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