My Wonderful Strict Mistress!


There’s something about strict women.
I’m on Tumblr now.  I post there as PaddledHusband.  I posted something there about strict women and it inspired my new blog.

When Mistress uses a certain tone of voice or looks at me a certain way, my knees go weak and I just can’t refuse Her anything.  I love when She goes into strict mode.  Ordering me over Her lap or ordering me to perform some act of service or other.  I just answer ‘yes, Mistress’ and rush to obey what ever instruction She has given me. 

And can She spank?!!  She has me hopping around the bedroom hands clasped to my bum.  Or squirming over Her lap and yelping like a puppy!  I wouldn’t want Her any other way, but sometimes, just occasionally, I wish She wasn’t quite so effective with the hairbrush, or strap, or paddle in Her hand.

Then afterwards when She hugs me, when She caresses my hot sore bottom, when She whispers soothing words in my ear, all the pain I just went through becomes so worthwhile.

Yes, strict, cruel, dominant women are the very best!  Long may they rule!

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  1. I understand completely! They’re so good at their jobs that you you wish they weren’t quite as talented (but only sometimes). 😀


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