Name Your Fetishes



I saw the Name Your Fetishes pic above floating around on Google+ and couldn’t resist having fun with it. After all, what a fun way to let people know the kinky things I like!

So here are mine.


Butt plugs.
Ass worship.
Pussy worship.
Having no control.
More spanking.
Being watched.
Yet more spanking.

Just off the top of my head! ūüėČ

Am I kinky enough?

So, what about you?  What turns you on?

Living The Dream


So we’ve gotten into a routine now where every day Mistress gives me nine strokes with the cane.¬† Just because She can.¬† I’m certainly not going to complain.¬† I have to bend over the bed and She lays on the nine strokes fairly hard.¬† It’s a great way for Her to remind me of my place.¬† The other day She substituted the paddle for the cane.¬†

This partly came about after a conversation we had the other day about keeping the relationship going 24/7.¬† Communication is always key to a relationship like ours.¬† So we talk out any issues we may have.¬† I sometimes have difficulty maintaining my slave attitude all the time.¬† It can cause some tension.¬† So we came up with some ideas on how we can improve things.¬† The daily spanking is one such idea.¬† I like getting little reminders of my place.¬† For instance, I love when Mistress grabs my collar, pulls me close and tells me I belong to Her.¬† I get such a delightful shiver down my spine when She does that.¬† Or when She grabs my cock or an ass cheek and says “this belongs to me.”¬† Words can have a powerful effect when used right.

We also started to bring the butt¬†plug into play more.¬† For instance, the other day we had to drive to the city to a relatives apartment, that we’re sorting out while he’s in hospital.¬† I had the plug in my ass the whole drive there -it’s about an hours drive- then we did our laundry there, all the while I still had the plug in my ass.¬† To be honest, it’s not very comfortable to wear, but there’s something about Mistress putting it in me and making me keep it in until She’s ready for it to come out that just makes me so submissive.¬† It’s without doubt one of the most effective tools in Her arsenal…so to speak! ūüėČ

I like sitting on a cushion on the floor by Her feet as we watch television.¬† She strokes my hair or caresses my back.¬† It’s just so damn nice.¬† Living this lifestyle, I feel like I’m living the dream.¬† I think this is what I’ve wanted most of my life and I know I’m so lucky to have a woman who understands me so well and can give me everything I need.¬† I do my best to be a good slave and satisfy all Her needs too.¬† All in all, this relationship is working beautifully.

We’ve also gotten into tease and denial and orgasm control.¬† Mistress is very good at teasing me.¬† I love when She uses me sexually.¬† I never know if I’m going to get my release, but that’s okay because to be honest I’m focussed on satisfying Her sexual needs.¬† I seem to be doing a pretty good job on that if I do say so myself. <grin>¬† We actually had a very satisfying experience tonight.¬† I made Mistress cum four times with my tongue.¬† And tonight I did get my release.¬† I don’t know why, but when we have a D/s session I have the sort of orgasms I used to have when I was twenty.¬† This lifestyle is certainly agreeing with us!

Cooking With A Plug In My Ass!

butt plug (2)


The title says it all, really.¬† I’d showered a little while ago and I commented to Mistress that my ass is clean.¬† She got that glint in Her eye, so I knew something was up.¬† She led me upstairs and told me to rinse the butt plug to make sure it was perfectly clean.¬† We’d talked about using the butt plug on me before.¬† It’s not really Her thing, but She knows it’s something that I’m curious about.¬† She made me lay on my back and draw my knees up to my chest.¬† God, I love being in that position.¬† You get totally exposed.¬† She smeared some lube against my asshole.¬† That always feels so good!¬† Then She smeared a drop of lube against the tip of the plug.¬† Then She slowly but insistently slid the plug in until it was buried in my ass.¬† That first feeling of penetration is a strange feeling, but not an unpleasant one.

This took place this evening, around seven oclock.¬† Then it was time to make dinner.¬† We made a delicious stir fry.¬† So I had a new experience.¬† I’ve only had a plug inside me a very few times in my life.¬† The last time we sat and watched television while it was inside me.¬† So, for the first time I had the experience of really moving around while wearing the plug.¬† It feels so strange.¬† You feel the plug moving about inside you with every move you make.¬† It was a constant reminder that I had a plug deep in my ass.¬† Every time I bent over to pull out a pan, or stretched up to retrieve something from the larder, the thing juggled in my ass.¬† Then was ate a delicious meal.¬† It really was good.

After dinner, I had to take out the garbage.¬† I put jeans on and another new experience was born,¬† The first time I’ve been outside, clothed with a plug in my ass.¬† I’m hopeful that now Mistress will start springing this on me more.¬† I know it’s more for my benefit, but I’m hoping She will get creative on how and when She will make me wear it.¬† She doesn’t hate putting it in me, it’s just not something that¬†She¬†really thinks of.

The plug is still in my ass now, at quarter to nine.¬† I’m going to keep it in until nine oclock.¬† That will make it two hours, the¬†longest I’ve ever had a plug inside me.¬† Unless Mistress has other ideas…¬† Edit: I read this blog out to Mistress, and just before I read out the very last sentence to Her about IF She lets me, She stated “if I let you.” I know my Mistress so well LMAO!

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