All Tied Up!




So last night we finally had a good session with our new bondage set.  It’s basically a set of straps with hooks on that can be connected together.  They are pretty strong and can secure you well.  To start with there are a set of padded wrist cuffs and a set of ankle cuffs.  You put those on and build from there.  The second picture above was Mistress’s first experiment using all the pieces.  I was tied pretty thoroughly and could hardly move.  It felt amazing.  But it was hardly practical as all the vital areas are pretty much inaccessible.  Still it felt amazing to be trussed up like that.

After about twenty minutes Mistress released me and we took a shower together, before returning to the bedroom and carrying on where we left off.  Mistress reattached the wrist and ankle cuffs then connected the two sets.  Then She put a strap around my body and connected that.  I could hardly move.  Of course She zeroed in on my nipples.  Does anyone else find their nipples are much more sensitive when you are tied up and helpless?  Mine are extremely sensitive at the best of times.  But last night I could hardly bear to have them touched at all.  Naturally that didn’t stop Mistress.  She loves to torment me!  She lightly bit them, sucked them, raked Her nails across them.  I get shivery now just thinking about it.  Then She spent some time caressing my body, before moving on to my balls and my cock.  She sucked me for a while, which was amazing!  She flickered Her tongue all over the head, which drives me out of my mind!  She wouldn’t let me cum though.  Not yet, anyway.

After a while Mistress wanted some attention of Her own, which of course is Her right!  So She untied me and I went down on Her until She had one of the hardest orgasms She has had in a while.  I love to lick Her pussy and She is always noisily appreciative of my efforts!  Then She allowed me to make love to Her.  I came a lot!  My orgasms always seem so much stronger and more copious when we have a BDSM session.  I always feel that pressure building long before I actually cum.  I know a few of my followers are into chastity, but that’s not our thing.  Mistress does like to tease and deny and sometimes She will take Her pleasure from me without letting me have my release.  But She does also let me have my share of orgasms. 

Mistress is already planning future sessions with our new toy.  She’s going to tie me to a chair and beat me.  She’s also going to tie me up as we watch television together from time to time.  Our new purchase seems like a pretty good investment!

Awakenings. Part one


Jennifer’s eyes widened when the door opened to reveal Robert, dressed to kill in a very sharp evening suit. A tingle rippled through her body as she drank him in.

          “Exactly on time.  Just what I like to see.  Come on in, Jennifer.”  He pecked her on her cheek as she passed him, then delivered a playful swat on her skirt covered bottom, that felt just a little sharper than she would have liked.  He took her coat before showing her through to the living room.

          Judging from the roaring fireplace and the candles on the table, he was going all out to impress her tonight. It was working.  She’d been promised a memorable fifth date and he seemed intent on delivering. 

           Robert poured two generous helpings of brandy and handed a glass to her.  She studied him as she took a large gulp, choking a little.  Wow, it was strong.  Robert looked so handsome in that suit she could just eat him up with a spoon.  Maybe later…

           He led her to the sofa next to the fire and pushed her gently, but firmly, down.  He sat next to her.  Jennifer took one more gulp of her drink, before Robert took her glass away and placed it on a small square table next to the arm of the sofa.  He leaned in and kissed her, a quick peck at first, before sinking into a long lingering kiss that whispered promises of what was to come.  Jennifer responded to that kiss in a way she never had before.  She moaned into his mouth, feeling a spark in her clit.  God, he was good.  He finally pulled away, leaving her breathless and wanting more.  He studied her face, then smiled, clearly seeing the effect he was having on her.

          “That was…” Jennifer gasped for breath. “…amazing.”

          “That was merely the appetizer,” he smiled.  He stood up.  “I’m sorry my darling, I have to go check on dinner.  I’ll be right back.”  He disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Jennifer to try to compose herself.

           They shared a delicious dinner.  Shrimp cocktail to start, followed by the most delicious lasagna Jennifer had ever tasted.  She kept sneaking glances at him.  Robert was full of surprises tonight.  She shivered as she thought about what might come later.  For dessert, Robert brought out a truly decadent chocolate mousse.  He served it with coffee.  By this time Jennifer had consumed three, or was it four, glasses of wine with her brandy.  She felt totally relaxed and ready for whatever might follow their meal. 

           Robert cleared the final dishes away before taking Jennifer’s arm and leading her back to the living room.  But instead of taking her to the sofa, he made her stand in the middle of the room.  Then he proceeded to walk all around her, studying her intently from all angles.  Jennifer shivered, despite the warmth of the nearby fireplace.  Something in Robert had changed.  Something in his eyes as he looked at her.

           “Robert?  What’s going on?”  For some reason she couldn’t meet his candid gaze.

           He finally stopped in front of her, his body just inches from hers.  “Jennifer, I promised you a night you will never forget.  I intend to keep that promise.  But first, there’s something we must discuss.”

           Oh God, he’s married.  For some reason as soon as that thought entered her head she felt it must be true.  She couldn’t hold it in.  “You’re going to tell me you’re married, aren’t you?”

           Robert looked startled.  “What?  No!  Of course not.  Wherever did you get that idea?”

           “Well, when a man is going to fuck a woman and he says he has something to tell her, that’s usually what it is.  At least, so I’ve heard.”  She blushed, feeling foolish. 

           “Well, even usually isn’t always.  And, no.  I’m not married.  For the record.  But there is something you should know about me.  I have certain needs…”

           She raised an eyebrow.  “Needs?”

           “Yes, needs.”  Annoyance crept into his voice.  “Please do not interrupt me until I’ve explained.”

           Jennifer’s lips tightened in response to the sharpness of his tone.

           Robert sighed.  This wasn’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped.  “Let me explain.  I have a particularly dominant personality.  So I’m looking for a certain type of woman.  A woman who is a…”

           “Doormat?”  Jennifer regretted the word as soon as it had left her mouth.  But she couldn’t take it back.  She saw the anger in his eyes, and a cold knot of fear rippled down her back.  Robert’s whole demeanor had changed.  Jennifer wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond.   

           “Doormat?  No!”  His eyes blazed in anger.  “Never a doormat.  If that’s what you think, then you can leave now.”

           Jennifer flushed.  She stared at the floor, unable to meet his accusing stare.  How was she supposed to respond to this?  She was totally out of her depth, and sinking fast.  “I’m sorry.  That was…thoughtless.  I don’t know where it came from.  Please go on.”

           Robert took a moment to compose himself.  “I’m talking about a submissive woman.  That’s who I’m looking for.  Never a doormat.  A woman who will give her submission to me willingly and fully.”

           Jennifer looked up, meeting his challenging stare.  “What does this have to do with me?”

           “Oh, Jen. I saw it in you the moment I first laid eyes on you.”  He reached up to caress her cheek.  She didn’t lean to him, but she didn’t pull away either.  The truth was something had stirred in her when he’d first used the word submissive.  Something unconscious, almost primal.  Something she almost recognized.  But she wanted him to say it.  He smiled now.  “I see it in the way you look at me.  In the way you move.  You have so much strength in you.  But you also have such a strong desire to yield.  There is strength in submission.  You have an abundance of both.”

           Tears sprang to her eyes.  Somehow she knew he was right.  Looking back, she’d always gone along with the wishes of the men she’d dated before, so eager to please.  Instead, they had always ended up trampling all over her emotions, treating her like a…. doormat.  Now she understood her instinctive reaction to his talk of domination.  Yet here was this man, who admitted to needing control, asking her to trust in him to be different from all the others.  Could she do it?  Could she trust him to show her how wonderful true submission could be?  To risk everything in the hopes that this time she would get a different outcome?  She studied him, trying to read from his expression whether he would prove to be reliable, true to his word.  Or would he break her heart like all the others, leave her like a broken toy, all used up.  “I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know the first thing about being a submissive.”

           He took her hand in his.  “Then let me show you.  Let me train you.   What do you know about the BDSM world?”

           “BDSM?  Not much I guess.  Is it like the Shades of Grey books?”

           His lips quirked.  “Shades of Grey?  Well, something like that.  I guess.  Although, Shades of Grey could be described as the Mary Poppins of the D/s world.  It’s for kids.  I’m talking about the real thing.  Deeper.  Darker.  And a hell of a lot more satisfying.  What I’m talking about is your total submission to my will.  Physically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  Sexually.  Just take my hand and let me show you the way.”

           Jennifer looked down, unable to meet the intensity of his gaze any more.  Her pulse raced.  This was it.  Somehow, she knew if she said no now, he would not give her a second chance.  Just go for it.  She looked up at him and nodded once.  “So, what happens now?”

           “Now, we make love.  I’ve opened you up to a new world.  We’ll take the first step tomorrow.  Tonight we make love as boyfriend and girlfriend.  Tomorrow, you become my slave.”

           Jennifer smiled.  At least for tonight she was on familiar ground.  She was no stranger to sex.  She would worry about all the other stuff tomorrow.  He took her hand in his and led her to the bedroom.

Confessing Desires


“What you doing?”


            Katie jumped and reflexively reached out to close her laptop.  She removed her headphones and looked up at her boyfriend.  “Paul!  You scared me!”


            Paul smiled down at his red haired girl.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to make you jump.  You looked lost in a world of your own.  Whatever you were watching must have been pretty good.”


            “Oh, it’s just one of those YouTube videos.  Nothing important.”  She looked away from him. 


            “Can’t be that bad the way you were staring so intently.  Can I see?”


            Katie looked down, anything to avoid eye contact.  “Paul, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”  She placed a protective hand over her laptop.


            “Why not?  Is it something kinky?”  He grinned at her when she looked up at him with a startled look in her eye.  “It is, isn’t it?  Show me!”


            Katie hesitated.  Should she let him look?  After all, it was something she’d wanted to bring up with him for the longest time.  But what if he reacted badly.  What if he said she was a sick freak?  There was only one way to find out.  “Do you promise not to freak out if I show you what I was watching?”


            Paul sat next to her on the sofa.  “What is it?  It can’t be that bad, surely?  Let me see.  Please?”


            “It’s not bad.  It’s just…do you promise?”  She asked the question more fiercely than she’d intended.


            He placed a reassuring hand on her knee.  “Okay, I promise.”


            Katie opened the laptop.  The monitor showed a paused scene of a video.  It depicted a naked woman laying over a man’s lap, her bottom pointed toward the camera.  The man’s hand was raised above his head.


            Katie looked sideways at her boyfriend, trying to gauge his reaction. 


            Paul’s eyes widened.  “Is he…”


            “…spanking her?”  Katie neatly finished his unasked question.  “Yes, he is. It’s something I’ve fantasized about for a long time.”  She clicked the play button and on the screen the man brought his hand down hard on the bottom that had, judging from the redness already present, been spanked for a while. 


            She watched his face as the video played out.  He looked stunned and clearly hadn’t given much thought to spanking in the past.  The question was, now it had been presented to him like this, would he take to it?  Or would he reject it out of hand? 


            After the video ended, Paul sat back, staring at his girlfriend as though he had never seen her before.  “Are you trying to tell me you’re into all this…spanking stuff?”


            Katie nodded, barely able to trust herself to speak.  Her stomach tied itself in knots.  Finally she managed to control her feelings enough to talk.  “Yes, since my teenage years.  Mom spanked me a couple of times as a kid.  Although I hated it at the time, later I came to crave more.  I’ve tried so many times to pluck up the courage to tell you about it, but I always chickened out.  I guess subconsciously I wanted you to catch me watching these videos.  So, now it’s all out in the open.  Do you think I’m abnormal?”


            He took her hand in his.  “No, of course not.  It’s just…spanking isn’t something I’ve ever given much thought to, not in sexual terms, anyway.”


            Relief flooded through Katie.  He didn’t think there was something wrong with her.  That was a good start.  But she wanted more.  “Paul, I want you to spank me.  I want you to pull me over your lap, bare my ass and give me a long, hard spanking.  Can you do that for me?”  She watched his face closely, looking to see how he would react.


            “I don’t want to hurt you.  I’ve never hit a woman in my life.”


            She leaned into him.  “You won’t hurt me.  Not in the way you mean.  And spanking a woman isn’t the same as beating her with a fist.  If it helps, think of it as satisfying a deep need.  Please, Paul.  I need you to do this for me.  Just this one time.  Just be open to trying it to see how it feels.”


            “You want me to do this, now?”


            She smiled.  “There’s no time like the present.  I’m afraid that if we put it off until later, it will never happen.  I’m ready now, Paul.  Are you?”


            Paul stared at her for a long moment.  “All right, if this means so much to you, I’ll give it a try.”


            Katie squealed with delight.  She threw her arms round his neck and kissed him long and tenderly.  Finally, she pulled away. 


            Paul leaned back on the sofa.  “I guess you’d better place yourself over my lap.”


            Katie lay across him, resting her head on a cushion, arching her hips up.  She wore a short pleated skirt that in this position barely covered her bottom.  She hoped he was going to bare her.   


            “Well, if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right.”  Paul took hold of the hem of her skirt and drew it up, folding it at the small of her back.  He feasted his eyes on her ass, barely covered by the skimpiest pair of panties he’d ever seen.  “And don’t think this little rag is going to protect you.”  He drew the panties down, leaving them at mid thigh.


            Katie almost shook with excitement.  She moaned softly when she felt his hand caressing her soft cheeks, fondling and kneading.  She wiggled her rear, teasing him.  Then he placed a finger at the top of her ass crack and slowly drew it down, probing his digit between her cheeks, tickling her anus, before sliding lower, to trace the groove of her pussy.  She spread her legs wider. 


            “You’re soaking,” he teased her.  “I can’t remember the last time you were this wet.”  He easily slipped his finger inside.


            Katie groaned her pleasure, as her pussy walls gripped his finger tight. 


            He pumped her slowly.  “Wouldn’t you rather I did this?”


            “Paul,” she panted.  “Please don’t make me cum now.  I need my spanking first.”  She could feel the first warning tingle deep in her body.  God, she was so close!  But this wasn’t the way she wanted it.  She had to have her spanking before her release or it wouldn’t be the same.  She sagged with relief when he finally withdrew his finger. 


            He patted her bottom experimentally.  “If you’re sure this is what you want?”


            She lifted her hips, silently urging him to just get on with it.  “I’m sure, Paul.  Please give me the spanking I’ve been craving.” 


            “Okay, babe.  I hope you’re ready.” 


            Katie closed her eyes and lay there, waiting for the first stinging blow to fall.  She felt his hand leave her hips and imagined it raised high above its target, waiting to strike.  Then came the impact of the first smack.  It was hard enough to make her jump but it lacked the sharp sting she craved.  As he settled into a steady spanking rhythm she tried hard to get into it.  But something just wasn’t right.  This just wasn’t how she’d imagined it.  All those videos showed the female recipients yelping and hollering.  She looked over her shoulder.  “Paul!  I said spank me, not play pat-a-cake on my ass.”


            He stopped, his hand raised high, about to deliver another smack.  “I told you I don’t want to hurt you.”


            “Oh, for God’s sake, Paul.  Are you a man or a mouse?  I asked you to SPANK me.  You’re meant to be the alpha male.  Prove it!”


            His left arm cinched tight around her waist, pinning her in place.  “All right, girl.  You asked for it.  Now you’re going to get it.”


            Katie closed her eyes, tensed for the next stroke.  She prayed she hadn’t pushed him too far.  She hadn’t meant to be so hard on him, but hopefully this would provoke him enough to give her the hard spanking she so craved.  Her eyes opened wide as his hand exploded on her left cheek.  That was the only word to describe it.  Exploded.  She kicked her feet and let out an audible yelp.  Before the pain had time to abate, her right cheek received the same treatment.   The impact was so strong it actually flattened her cheek like a pancake.  She squealed in pain. 


            “Is this hard enough for you?”  He proceeded to toast her defenseless bottom with a blistering barrage of spanks, not giving her a chance to draw breath. 


            Katie kicked her feet, squirmed, drummed her fists on the arm of the sofa, and howled as she received the spanking of her life.  Tears prickled at the back of her eyes and it wasn’t long before they were trickling down her face.  Ow!  Oww!  Please, Paul.  OW!  It really hurts!”  Her protests fell on deaf ears.  She’d goaded him and was now facing the painful consequences.


            “I thought that’s what you wanted,” he taunted as he finally paused to catch his own breath.  “’Think of it as giving me what I need,’ you said.  ‘Are you a man or a mouse?’ you said.  Well, do you have any doubts about my manhood now?”  The whole time he spoke, he punctuated every other word with a hard stinging smack, covering every inch of her scarlet bottom. 


            “OW!  Yes, Paul.  You’ve proved your point.  You’re a real man, Pinnochio.” 


            “Oh, you think this is funny?”  He rested his hand on her ass.  “Obviously these buns haven’t been toasted enough!”


            “No, wait!  Please Paul, I didn’t mean it.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Please don’t spank me any more.  My ass can’t take it!”


            “Here’s a tip for you, babe.  It’s not a good idea to give sass to a man who’s reddening your ass.”  He rained another flurry of blows on her behind, making her kick and squirm even more frantically.  Finally, he took a break. 


            Katie panted, trying to catch her breath during the respite.  The question was, had he finally stopped or was he just taking a breather?  He seemed to be as out of breath as she was.  She peeked back at him.  “Are you done?”


            He glared down at her.  “Am I done?  Seriously?  Talk about a glutton for punishment.”


            Katie wailed.  “No, wait.  I didn’t mean it like that!  I don’t know why I said that.”


            “I think ten more and you should be done.  Then we’ll have us some rump roast.”


            Katie peeked over her shoulder at him.  She saw the determination on his face.  Protesting or arguing would just make things worse.  She rested her head on the cushion and resigned herself to her fate.  Sitting was going to be a challenge for a while.  Who’d have thought a simple hand spanking could hurt this much?  She raised her hips once more, prepared to accept her fate.  The impact of his hand flattened her against his thighs.  She howled.  That spank was the hardest yet and she had another nine like that coming at her.  She pushed her hips up again, ready for the next strike.  It came.  And the next one.  Each spank flattened her hips against his legs, and after each spank she raised them again ready to accept the next one.  At last he stopped, and she lay limply over his lap, sobbing bitterly.  It honestly felt like her bottom was on fire. 


            Paul let her lay there until her sobbing slowed.  He stroked her hair and whispered loving words to her.  When she had at last calmed down, he helped her sit on his lap.  She winced visibly as her scorched bottom came in contact with his thighs.  She sagged against him, letting her head rest on his shoulder. 


            “How does your butt feel? He teased with a smile.


            “Oh, it’s a little warm.”


            He raised an eyebrow.  “Only a little?  Do I have to give you more?”


            “No!” she squealed.


            “So, am I man enough for you?”


            She wrinkled her nose at him.  “You’ll do, I guess.”


            “Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence!” 


            “She looked into his eyes.  “How do you feel?  Did you get anything out of spanking me?”


            Without saying a word, he took her hand in his and placed it against his groin.  The hardness she felt there told its own story.


            She grinned impishly at him.  “You feel a little cramped down there.  Do you want a hand with that?”


            “I’m hoping for more than just a hand!  And in answer to your question, I think you’re going to need your bottom warmed on a regular basis.  Maybe I’ll invest in a wooden hairbrush or maybe even a paddle.”


            Her eyes widened.  “I think I’ve created a monster.”


            He smiled at her.  “Maybe you have.  Now, on your knees girl.  I’ve taken care of your needs, now it’s time for you to take care of mine.


            “Yes, Sir,” she whispered, surprising herself at her response.  She climbed off his lap and knelt on the floor in front of him.  As her hands reached out to unbuckle his belt, she smiled to herself.  Like the cat who got the cream.  Or who was about to, anyway.

I Belong To You.


I belong to You.

Just You.

Only You can do

Whatever You want to do.

To me.


I submit to You.

Just You.

Nobody else will do.

I’ll take whatever is due.

To me.


Hurt me.

Beat me.

Tease me.

Pleasure me.

Make me pleasure You.

In any way You want me to.

I’ll do whatever You want me to do.

To You.



I will always belong to You.

Nobody else would do.

Just You.

Life On The Edge


It’s exciting when you’re living life on the edge.  My ass is never safe.  I never know when or where the next spanking is coming from.  I was just sitting at the computer, minding my own business, when out of the blue Mistress announced I’m getting twenty strokes with the bathbrush.  As a good and dutiful slave I went and fetched the implement, handed it to Her and asked Her to spank me hard,.  Well, the twenty with the wooden brush became forty, and then because the Twitter #spankrace is still on, I ended up getting the 100 strokes for the day’s count.  Being the painslut I am, I asked Her to give me the last ten strokes with the paddle.  Which Mistress was only to happy to supply.  Hence the results in the above pic.  I love knowing my bottom is never safe and a painful spanking can come at any time.  And of course, as I live naked, there is no time wasted in undressing.  I just bend over or lay over Her lap and the spanking begins. There was no particular reason for the spanking.  But then, Mistress never needs a reason to spank me.  I am Hers.  She can do what She wants to me and when She wants.  I love belonging to Her and love when She surprises me out of the blue.  I am so lucky and so blessed to be married to such a wonderful Woman, and such a capable spanker.  Long may the spanks rain on my bare unprotected bottom!

A D/s Fantasy


This story is a bit of a mixed bag of real experience (not all with Mistress) and fantasy, things that I would like to experience or at least I like the idea of experiencing.  I’ll leave it to you to guess what’s real and what isn’t…. Warning – strong sexual content!


            “Assume the slave position now.”  I can see from the look on Her face that She means business.  I know I’ve done nothing wrong, so this isn’t punishment.  But the look on Her face and the tone in Her voice lets me know I’m in for an intense experience.  We’d talked about having an intense D/s play session for a while, with me giving Her full control.  It looks like this is the night.  With a little trepidation, I crawl onto the bed and assume my ‘slave’ position, kneeling on all fours, head down, ass up and legs apart.  It’s a position that leaves me fully exposed.  And I love it. 


            Her hand caressed my bottom, lightly kneading my cheeks, before She trails a single finger all the way down my ass crack, sending delicious shivers down my spine.  Her finger pauses at my anus, lightly tickling it, before continuing down to lightly scratch through my balls.  I suppress a groan of pleasure.  She reaches under me and takes hold of my cock, which is already semi erect.  “Who does this belong to?”  She taunts me, gripping the shaft tightly.


            “To You, Mistress,” I dutifully reply.  She strokes my cock for a moment, before releasing me.  She sits on the end of the bed and I just know She’s staring at my exposed parts.  The knowledge thrills the exhibitionist side of me. 


            Then She moves and I suddenly feel Her spread my ass cheeks open, a move that takes my breath away.  I feel something cold and wet right on my asshole, then there’s pressure as something tries to enter the hole.  I know from experience it’s the buttplug She made me buy a while ago.  There is resistance at first.  The initial penetration is always uncomfortable and my anal muscles reflexively tighten, trying to deny access.  Slowly but surely the plug is pushed in, until it’s fully inserted.  I struggle to adjust to this intimate intrusion.  As the discomfort fades, She slowly slides the plug in and out of my ass.  This part always feels much nicer.  She pumps my ass with the plug for a few minutes, then orders me to turn over and lay on my back.  I comply, wondering what’s in store next.


            “Hold your arms out behind you and put them together.”  I obey and She handcuffs me to the headboard..  She then blindfolds me.  I am now helpless and have no idea what’s coming next.  I listen, trying to get some clue of what She’s up to.  She has left no toys lying around so there were no clues to what She has in mind.  I hear a light clink.  I know that sound.  Ice cubes.  Something cold drips onto my stomach, making me gasp.  Then a piece of ice is pressed to my left nipple, circling round and round, making me whimper.  My right nipple is given the same treatment.  Then She trails the ice down my stomach, along my inner thighs, and finally over my balls to my cock.  The shock of cold is so intense, but the situation has made me as hard as I’ve ever been.  I grind my hips on the bed, the sensation of the plug still inside my ass increasing my arousal.  Finally the ice has completely melted.


            I feel Her move up the bed, to sit next to me.  Suddenly I feel a sharp pinch on my left nipple.  There is pressure and a sharp pain.  What the fuck?  Then I realise what it is.  She has bought a set of nipple clamps She hadn’t told me about.  The second clamp is applied to my other nipple.  I struggle to deal with the painful new sensation.  I’ve experienced nipple clamps before and I remember well how sensitive my nipples were for days after.  But clamps applied to cold nipples is a new and more intense experience.  She tweaks the clamps sending fresh pain through the sensitive buds.  I moan quietly. 


            I feel Her body move again.  She moves up my body and straddles me, Her crotch over my mouth. I know what this means.  She lowers Her pussy to my mouth.  She grinds down on me, until Her cunt envelops my mouth.  With my hands tied She has full control, guiding me where She wants to feel my tongue.  I lick along Her pussy lips, then She moves Her hips so my tongue goes right into Her hole.  I can taste how wet She is.  Then She moves so my tongue is on Her clit.  I tease Her, raking my tongue over Her clit slowly.  She gives an impatient wiggle of Her hips and presses down.  I take the hint and lick harder and faster, while She grinds Her hips in tune with my tongue.  It isn’t long before I hear Her breathing grow ragged.  She grinds down on me as I make Her cum on my face.  Her orgasm is long and noisy.  I take secret pride in the fact I can make Her lose control like this.  When it has subsided, She climbs off me.  I wonder what will come next.  Me, hopefully.


            I feel Her hand close around my cock, gripping it tight.  “Does my slave need release?”  I nod, unable to trust myself to speak.  Her hand slides up and down, stroking me.  “Does my slave deserve to cum?”


            “That’s for You to decide, Mistress.”  I can tell She likes that answer as Her hand strokes faster.  I try my hardest to keep my hips still, to let Her have full control.  I feel the bed move and then suddenly I feel Her hot mouth close over the head, engulfing it completely.  She draws me all the way in, then bobs Her head up and down, sucking me hard and fast.  My composure goes out the window, as I gasp and grind my hips.  It doesn’t take long.  I’m already so horny after everything that happened.  I can only hope She will allow me to cum.  Then all thought flies out of my head.  I feel the pressure build deep within my balls, then that rushing feeling.  She pulls Her head away and grasps the shaft, wanking me furiously until I finally cum over Her hand.

Where I’m Meant To Be


When I’m kneeling at Her feet

That’s where I’m meant to be.


When I make Her life complete

That’s where I’m meant to be.


When I kneel as Her footstool

That’s where I’m meant to be.


When She’s acting oh, so cruel

That’s where I’m meant to be.


When I’m laying over Her lap

That’s where I’m meant to be


When my body is available to Her on tap

That’s where I’m meant to be.


When I’m lying in Her arms

That’s where I’m meant to be


When I’m pleasuring Her heavenly charms

That’s where I’m meant to be


When I’m submitting to Her every day

That’s where I’m meant to be


When She can use me in every way

That’s where I’m meant to be


I’m meant to be wherever my Mistress wants me to be.



Total Sexual Surrender


Ok, so I’ve been blogging about my journey starting out as a slave.  I have to warn that this is going to be my most personal and sexual blog I’ve ever written.  Probably the most personal blog I ever will write.


Last night something happened that, if it didn’t change our dynamic, it certainly enhanced it.  I’ve already written blogs about how I became slave to my Wife.  I’ve gone into detail about how it began and how She deals with me and how close we’ve gotten.  The one thing we hadn’t really explored was sexual domination.  Until last night.


It all started innocently enough.  We were lying on the bed, both of us naked.  I was snuggling into Her, caressing Her and doing nice stuff.  I then started worshipping Her ass, something I love to do.  I’ve a total butt man lol.  I guess it goes with the spanking territory.  I’m sure not many men who are into spanking either giving or receiving wouldn’t be turned on by butts.  Or women, for that matter.


One thing led to another and I started going down on Mistress, pleasuring Her orally.  It’s something I really love to do.  I must have done a pretty good job of it too because She came hard.  Multiple times.  It really turned me on too and I was stiff as a poker, to coin a much used phrase.  After I’d satisfied Mistress, I lay on my back.  Old habits kicked in I guess.  When you’re a vanilla couple one act of pleasure is reciprocated by another.  I waited for Mistress to return the favor.  But She had other ideas.  She could see what I was hoping for or even expecting.  She told me I had to wait until Sunday before I could cum.  I’m ashamed to say I didn’t react too well to that.  There followed a roughly forty minute battle of wills where I used every trick I could think of to get Her to let me cum.  I said She didn’t have to do anything, I’d take care of business myself.  I complained I couldn’t wait until Sunday.  I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep.  I was so horny and my cock was literally throbbing, so there was a real risk I wouldn’t be able to sleep.


Mistress just wouldn’t budge an inch.  I don’t really remember much about last night.  It’s all a bit of a blur.  What I do know I pieced together from what I can remember and what Mistress told me.  She hinted to me several times that if I just surrendered to Her, it would be okay.  But something had gotten into me and I acted very stubborn and kept fighting Her.  Not physically.  I would never do that.  But mentally and emotionally I resisted Her.  At one point I even suggested maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a slave.  I think that really shocked Her.  The idea that I would give up everything over this one issue.  But I knew then and know now that I could never ever walk away from this.  I don’t even know what made me come out with that.  I certainly didn’t mean it.  I also threw at Her that we’re still husband and wife, not just Mistress and slave.  I am deeply ashamed of the things I said.  I had no right to say them, but unfortunately I can’t take the words back.  I really don’t know what got into me.  I haven’t acted like that at all since becoming Her slave and I’ve certainly never fought Her on anything before.  Mistress thinks I was testing Her resolve or Her strength as my Mistress.  There could be something to that, but I am deeply ashamed of my actions and so fiercely proud of Mistress for not giving an inch.  If it was a test, She passed it with flying colors.  And I feel more submissive to Her than ever.


Finally, after over half an hour, something in me just caved in.  I surrendered.  I accepted Her total control over me.  Mistress told me She saw it happen.  In my body language, in my eyes and in my voice when I told Her I accepted Her decision and I would respect Her wish for me to not cum.  Maybe this needed to happen.  Like I said our new relationship hadn’t extended to the bedroom yet.  We’d made love a few days earlier but that was just as a regular married couple.  This was the first time She’d brought domination to our sex life.  In future I know I’ll be ready and will respond the right way.  I know She won’t back down and that makes me respect Her more.


To my surprise once I’d surrendered to Her, She did allow me to cum.  She went down on me for quite a while but I had to finish the job myself while She watched.  The idea of being under Her total control is obviously arousing to me because when I came I came HARD.  And a lot.  It was probably the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.  I’ve noticed that since becoming Her slave, my orgasms are more intense but this was the best yet! 


This morning we discussed what happened last night.  Mistress gave me a long spanking with the wooden spoon and four HARD strokes of the paddle.  As She put it, not for resisting and testing Her for so long, but for ever even thinking of giving up what we had.  Not that I ever could give this up.  It would be easier to give up breathing than walk away from this lifestyle now I’ve had a taste of it.  I feel even closer to Mistress.  She has warned me there will be more tests to come.  Whatever She has in mind, I’m more ready than I’ve ever been.  And I won’t respond that way ever again.




The ties that bind the heart.

Cannot  be torn apart.

Stronger than any chain.

Able to take the strain,

Of anything that life throws at us.



My faith and trust in You.

As we embark on a journey new.

Taking this journey together,

I know that we can weather,

Everything that life throws at us.



The amazing depth of our love.

Truly a gift from above.

I have to make this admission,

I will always give You my submission.

Whatever life throws at us.



That we would ever part.

It would truly break my heart.

I am heart and soul Your slave.

I know that we can brave,

All that life can throw at us.


My greatest gift is true.

My total submission to You.


Always and forever.


Perspective From A Mistress


Hello everyone, this is paddledhusband’s Wife/Mistress.  🙂

When we play, I love to tie his hands up with the handcuffs and have him lay across the bed with his bare butt in the air.  I drape my legs across his so he can’t jump up and squirm for a minute to ease the sting.  (Yes, I know what you subbies do – the ‘dance away the sting act’!  I used to be a switch, so I know ALL the tricks of the trade! LOL)

I do LOVE the long handled thick wooden bathbrush because it is heavy and makes a loud vibrating stinging sound as it bounces off his defenseless poor bottom.  I can immediately see his butt turn towards the ’50 Shades of Red’, especially when I give him the ‘pepper-shots’.

I am sure you know what ‘pepper-shots’ are but, I will describe it in case you don’t.  It is when I take the implement I am using and rapid fire in the same spot about 10 times before moving on.  Now, with a heavy implement like the dreaded long handled wooden bathbrush, just imagine how that feels.  (*insert evil grin here*)

Another implement I love to use on him is the tiny little wooden cooking spoon.  And for some reason, my hand always aims for his thighs, because I know it stings like hell! LOL 

The regular wooden bathbrush is very handy.  I am known to give him 200 or 300 in a row successfully.  By now, we would be up to shade 44 in the ’50 Shades of Red’!

Nothing is complete without giving him at least 10 hard strokes with the long thick fraternity paddle.  Of course, I usually can’t help myself and always get in another one, and well, we can’t end with an odd number can we, so I MUST give him another one to even it out.  (Oh, yeah, I didn’t mention I am a numbers fanatic and always love to count in my head the amount I give him.  It can easily amount to 100, 200 or one time even over 300!)

I do use the leather strap on his naughty ass at times and now since he recently found the rubber strap, (implements go missing, oh, I wonder why?), he will be getting a good dose of that and then I will have him write about it too!

Of course, in the end, lots of rubbing and hugging and well, that’s none of your business, but good times are had. 

When it’s for punishment, which I will state, that I hate giving it just as much as he hates to receive it, it is MUCH worse!  (Oh, how can it be worse than receiving 300 or so swats?)  Well, the mood is different and he has to endure my harsh lecture.  He HATES that!  That is why we do spankings more for fun, unless it is warranted.

He really is a loving husband/subbie and he loves to do things for me.  I do appreciate and love him for everything that he is and so much more!

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