A New Direction

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a long while.  The reason is mainly there has been nothing to write about for too long.  Our lives have been a huge ball of stress and we took a long hiatus.  It was my fault as I couldn’t sustain my submission with everything that has been going on.

I finally found a way to get back to who I am.  And we’re going in a slightly new direction.  Our relationship was for a large part kink based.  I’ve been looking into something called a Female Led Relationship.  This is basically the woman in charge with or without kink.  It looks like it’s going to work well for us. 

I’ve always been drawn to being a service oriented slave.  I already do the lions share of the cooking and a lot of the cleaning.  Now this will come even more to the fore.  The other day I had the pleasure of bathing Mistress and washing Her hair.  I know She really enjoyed it and I did too!  Now I dress and undress Her.  Mistress is growing in confidence and is becoming more demanding and making me do more things.  She has never had a problem being strict and She can certainly spank me hard enough.  But She never really demanded much from me.  It looks like that is starting to change.  No complaints from me.  Mistress has a tendency to ask for things or say something like “when you’ve got a minute…”. I don’t mind that at all as it’s just Her way.  But it gives me a submissive thrill when She orders me to do something.

And what is it with feet??? I hate feet!  Or I used to, anyway.  Mistress usually has to order me to give Her a foot rub.  The other day I started giving Her a long foot massage.  Then I started kissing Her feet.  At first just on the top of them then I started kissing the under side of them.  And I had a ridiculous amount of pre-cum while doing it!  I’m going to make foot rubs a regular part of my service to Her.  I know Mistress loves this.  She’s not too sure about me kissing Her feet as Her skin is sensitive and my rough face irritated Her skin.  I guess I have to make sure I’m well shaved before I kiss Her feet in future. 

I know I get more of a jolt from doing things I don’t particularly want or like to do.  The idea of Mistress making me do something whether I like it or not pushes all my submissive buttons.  I have a feeling I will have much more to write from now on.

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