Name Your Fetishes



I saw the Name Your Fetishes pic above floating around on Google+ and couldn’t resist having fun with it. After all, what a fun way to let people know the kinky things I like!

So here are mine.


Butt plugs.
Ass worship.
Pussy worship.
Having no control.
More spanking.
Being watched.
Yet more spanking.

Just off the top of my head! ūüėČ

Am I kinky enough?

So, what about you?  What turns you on?

A Kinky Sunday afternoon


Mistress and I just had a sexy experience I wanted to share.  We’ve had a lot of stress in our lives lately so kink has had to take a back seat.  This afternoon we were lying naked on the bed and cuddling.  Mistress decided She wanted to cane me.  So I took 9 hard strokes of the cane that had me hopping about.

We have a product that is similar to Ben Gay or Icy Hot.  As Mistress has a cruel streak She decided to spread this stuff all over my ass cheeks.  Then She spanked me with the short handled bath brush.  This had me squirming all over Her lap.  As if that wasn’t enough torture She then spread my cheeks and smeared some of this stuff on my asshole.  Almost immediately a burning sensation began in that region.  I’m not sure if it was as bad as using ginger, as that is something I haven’t experienced.  But I really felt it.  It went on for at least 10 minutes before the burning sensation eased.  Then as an encore, Mistress made me lie on my back and She spread some of the stuff on my nipples.  I swear I have the most sensitive nipples!  I can only stand them being touched when I’m horny.  Otherwise they’re too ticklish.  At first I felt nothing.  Then it began to feel as if someone was lightly teasing my nipples with fingertips.  My whole body kept lightly jerking and it felt like little shocks going through me.  It felt amazing.  Mistress now has something else to torture me with.  But what sweet torture.  Of course after all this I was incredibly horny.  My cock was achingly hard and I had to beg Mistress to let me cum.  A couple of mutual orgasms later, we were both extremely happy.  It looks like our D/s lifestyle is getting back on track!  And at last  have something to blog about!

Cooking With A Plug In My Ass!

butt plug (2)


The title says it all, really.¬† I’d showered a little while ago and I commented to Mistress that my ass is clean.¬† She got that glint in Her eye, so I knew something was up.¬† She led me upstairs and told me to rinse the butt plug to make sure it was perfectly clean.¬† We’d talked about using the butt plug on me before.¬† It’s not really Her thing, but She knows it’s something that I’m curious about.¬† She made me lay on my back and draw my knees up to my chest.¬† God, I love being in that position.¬† You get totally exposed.¬† She smeared some lube against my asshole.¬† That always feels so good!¬† Then She smeared a drop of lube against the tip of the plug.¬† Then She slowly but insistently slid the plug in until it was buried in my ass.¬† That first feeling of penetration is a strange feeling, but not an unpleasant one.

This took place this evening, around seven oclock.¬† Then it was time to make dinner.¬† We made a delicious stir fry.¬† So I had a new experience.¬† I’ve only had a plug inside me a very few times in my life.¬† The last time we sat and watched television while it was inside me.¬† So, for the first time I had the experience of really moving around while wearing the plug.¬† It feels so strange.¬† You feel the plug moving about inside you with every move you make.¬† It was a constant reminder that I had a plug deep in my ass.¬† Every time I bent over to pull out a pan, or stretched up to retrieve something from the larder, the thing juggled in my ass.¬† Then was ate a delicious meal.¬† It really was good.

After dinner, I had to take out the garbage.¬† I put jeans on and another new experience was born,¬† The first time I’ve been outside, clothed with a plug in my ass.¬† I’m hopeful that now Mistress will start springing this on me more.¬† I know it’s more for my benefit, but I’m hoping She will get creative on how and when She will make me wear it.¬† She doesn’t hate putting it in me, it’s just not something that¬†She¬†really thinks of.

The plug is still in my ass now, at quarter to nine.¬† I’m going to keep it in until nine oclock.¬† That will make it two hours, the¬†longest I’ve ever had a plug inside me.¬† Unless Mistress has other ideas…¬† Edit: I read this blog out to Mistress, and just before I read out the very last sentence to Her about IF She lets me, She stated “if I let you.” I know my Mistress so well LMAO!

Sinking Deeper Into Submission


So, I’ve been a slave since May last year.¬† I’ve covered in previous blogs exactly how that came about, so I won’t go into it here.¬† I don’t know if it’s spending so much time on Twitter lately, interacting with other submissives and slaves of both sexes, but the last few days I’ve been feeling¬†myself sinking deeper and deeper into submission.¬† Mistress and I have been talking the last couple of days, re-evaluating where we stand in our relationship.¬† After all, communication is one of the most important aspects in pretty much any kind of relationship, but especially in a BDSM one.¬†

To say we’re both happy with the way things are going would be an understatement.¬† I can’t explain it, I’m feeling more submissive by the day.¬† We re-negotiated a few things.¬† I¬†explained to¬†Mistress I wanted to give Her more control, for Her to take command more.¬† As I said to Her, this can be whatever She wants it to be.¬† Whatever She wants from me, I will give to Her.¬† I know I can trust Her fully, give myself to Her fully, because I know She isn’t into any wild or crazy stuff, and we share the same tastes on a lot of things.¬† So I can trust Her completely not to abuse Her position, or me.¬† Mind you, some types of abuse would be more than welcome…. ūüėČ

As long as we’re on the same page, as long as She is comfortable with becoming even more dominant, I will be incredibly happy.¬† I know my place in life.¬† I belong to Her, body and soul.

Merry Christmas To All My followers!



I know it’s a few days early but the next few days are going to be crazy busy so I thought I’d get this out now while I have a quiet moment.




I appreciate every single one of you!¬† ūüôā


So here’s a little something seasonal from my Mistress and I….and topical!


We wish you a Merry Christmas.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year!


We wish you a lot of spankings!

We wish you a lot of spankings!

We wish you a lot of spankings!

And a shiny red rear! (red enough to make Rudolph jealous!)

Collared And Caned


Mistress and I came home yesterday after a wonderful week away¬†in Williamsburg, Virginia.We’ve had a lot of stress in our lives for several months and we needed a break.¬† We stayed in a wonderful villa, with a beautiful fake fireplace and a spare bedroom that we put to suitably kinky use!¬† A couple of days into our break Mistress made¬†a really¬†nice collar for me to wear.¬†We’d been talking about me wearing Her collar for a while.¬†¬†She puts it on me every morning and She takes it off me every night.¬† I’m not allowed to touch it.¬† I love to wear it because it symbolises Her dominance over me and Her ownership of me.¬† Wearing this collar is also a constant reminder of my place in our relationship.¬† The fact Mistress made this Herself makes it mean more to me than any bought collar ever could.¬† I wear it with pride and with joy in my heart.

The spare bedroom had an ottoman that we made excellent use of.¬† Mistress made me lie over it and tied me down as She caned me.¬† I love to be tied down.¬† I love that¬†helpless feeling you get as you lie in position awaiting a long hard spanking.¬† Nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than that.¬† I’m sure bondage will play a big part in our future play sessions and especially in any punishments I may incur.

Our last night in the villa¬†was easily the most memorable.¬† I guess we wanted to give ourselves something to really remember. Mistress¬†made me lie on my back on the bed with my eyes closed.¬† I was sternly warned not to open them for any reason.¬† She first¬†made me draw my knees up to my chest.¬† I obeyed Her,¬†wondering what She was going to do first.¬† I¬†felt something cold against my anus and then something¬†slid right in.¬† I knew right away it was our butt plug.¬† It’s something I only recently bought and we’d only used it twice before this moment.¬† It’s such a delicious feeling when this plug slides smoothly into my ass. It’s a small thin¬†plug, which is fine with me!¬† I would definitely enjoy more of this.

Once the plug was firmly in place, Mistress let me lower my legs again.¬† I heard Her leave the room.¬†¬†She came back moments later.¬† The next thing I knew something extremely cold was placed right on my left nipple.¬† It took all my¬†willpower not to open my eyes.¬† Mistress spent several minutes torturing me¬†with icecubes.¬† I have sensitive nipples and it was all I could do not to squirm and try to wriggle away!¬† She tortured my nipples for a while before sliding the ice down my stomach and between my spread legs.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† She teased the ice all over my balls and my cock, then made me draw my knees up again and She slid the ice all over my ass cheeks and along the crack.¬† I’m sure if the plug wasn’t in place She’d have slipped a piece of the ice right up my butt!¬† I wouldn’t bet against Her doing that in future.¬† Mistress usually reads my blogs so when She reads this I’m sure She’ll store it in Her memory…

When Mistress had ensured I was nice and cold and shivery (bear in mind it’s mid November so although we had heating on, the room still had a little coolness), Mistress proceeded to warm me back up with the flogger.¬† We have a nice heavy flogger and She has become quite expert at flicking it at my sensitive parts and really getting me going with it.¬† She trailed the fronds over my cock and my balls, really getting me hard.¬† Then She had me turn over.¬† She flogged my back, my thighs, my bottom.¬† I love the feel of that flogger.¬† .

Finally Mistress let me up and tied me down over the ottoman for my caning.¬† She told me I was going to get twenty four hard strokes.¬† This scared me a little as I hadn’t taken so much before while tied down.¬† But I love being totally helpless.¬† That total lack of control is such a heady experience.¬† The first few strokes were the worst, as they usually are.¬† Mistress gave me all twenty four strokes, all well spaced out and all very stingy.¬† I know my eyes were wet at the end, although I didn’t cry.¬† I took twenty four hard strokes.¬† They stung so bad but I still wanted more.¬† I love the way the cane feels, that initial impact before that brutal sting just burns through your skin.¬† The photo above¬†of my bottom was taken after all twenty four strokes had been given.¬† And all the while, my butt plug was still frimly inserted. giving me another new experience.¬† I’ve never been spanked before with a¬†plug in my bottom.¬† It¬†certainly added to an incredible experience.¬† After this, Mistress¬†untied me, hugged me and then made me go down on Her until She was satisfied.¬† Judging by Her reaction I think I did a pretty good job! ūüėȬ† And I was such a good slave, She allowed me to cum.¬† With the butt plug still inserted.¬† Yet another first.¬† All in all it was a fantastic session and I’m sure we’ll be adding to it soon.¬† Which will give me more to blog about!

So I’m¬†sitting here typing this, naked apart from my collar.¬† I wear it¬†with pride.¬† I adore my Mistress and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for Her.¬†


Fifteen Things About Me


I *ahem* “borrowed” this idea from DominaJen, who has shared some personal details about herself.¬† It looked like fun so I thought I’d give it a go.

So here are fifteen things you might not know about me.

1. I’m something of an exhibitionist.¬† Okay, you might have figured that one out as I keep sharing pics of my ass on my blogs.¬† But in case you didn’t get it, I am.¬† I used to love going to fet clubs and play parties in my free and single days.¬† Now I’m happily married I don’t get to go to the fet scene any more.¬† But that’s ok because I have a wonderful Mistress in my Wife.

2. I’ve only recently gotten into the BDSM scene.¬† Although I’ve been a spanko since I was sixteen, for most of that time I was only into spanking.¬† Mistress and I started our Mistress/slave lifestyle a few months ago and we’ve become so much closer through it.¬† I love our lifestyle and wouldn’t swap it for anything!

3. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan.¬† For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a long running British sci fi show that’s celebrating its 50th year this year.¬† I’ve been a fan since I was sixteen.¬† I’m a bit obsessive about the show.¬† Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor) is my favourite.¬† If you don’t know the show then you’ll be wondering what I mean.¬† Hint: the clue is in the age of the show. It’d be a unique actor who could play the same role for fifty years.¬† So it has a bit of a James Bond thing going in that several different actors have played the title role. Only, unlike James Bond, they have a really cool way to explain the MC’s ever changing face!

4. I’m starting to get into classical music.¬† Maybe it’s something to do with my age but I find it very relaxing to listen to.

5. I’m a Brit living in America.¬† I moved to New York in 2005 from London, England.¬† So I’ve swapped one big city for another.

6. I like butt plugs.¬† I’ve just started experimenting with them really.¬† I bought one a few weeks ago.¬† I love when Mistress puts it in me.

7. I love movies.  Especially escapism movies.  Among my favourites are the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones movies, the Back To The Future movies, the Terminator movies, Jaws, etc yadda yadda.  Basically too many to mention.

8. I love the 80’s!¬† Probably because those were my formative years. The movies were better, the music was better, television was better.¬† Which leads me neatly onto…

9. I hate reality television. No, make that I loathe them.¬† Actually a word hasn’t been invented yet to show how much I despise them. They’re annoying. They’re stupid. There are just too damn many of them! Ok, I will admit I like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, though I enjoy them for entertainment value only.¬† I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal but I know enough about television networks to know they’re all about ratings so they probably wouldn’t be above faking stuff to keep their ratings up.¬† But ALL other reality shows SUCK!

10. I’ve always been fascinated by ghosts and the paranormal.¬† I even used to belong to a spiritualist church.

11. I love to travel.¬† I’ve enjoyed visiting several places in America, including Vegas, Florida, LA, Virginia and a few others.

12. I have a thing for Colorado.¬† I don’t know what it is.¬† I want to visit the state one day.¬† I had a CB radio when I was a teen and even called myself the Colorado Kid!

13. Although I call myself Paddled Husband I have a real fetish for the cane.¬† We have one that I enjoy Mistress beating me with.¬† I wish I could have experienced a caning at school.¬† But at that time I wouldn’t have enjoyed it because I wasn’t into spanking then.¬† Or at least I didn’t know I was…

14. Although I’m an exhibitionist, I’m actually quite shy with people I don’t know. If you met me I would probably be pretty quiet.¬† At first.

15. I like to write.¬† I’ve written a novel, that I’m in the middle of editing.¬† I also enjoy writing short stories, including spanking related stories.¬† I’ve posted a couple of those on my blog.¬† I also write a lot of mainstream stuff.

That was quite fun!¬† I hope you enjoyed reading. ūüôā



I wrote a tweet the other day.¬† It read “Anyone who thinks BDSM is abusive has no idea the level of love and intimacy you can gain with your partner.”¬† It got a few retweets¬†and favourites so I guess it struck a cord with some of my Followers.¬† It made me look back at my life the last several years since I got married.

I’ve always loved my Wife.¬† I’ve always wanted to do things for Her and to please Her.¬† We’d always had a good strong¬†relationship.¬† But since the night I poured my heart out to Her and asked Her to take me as Her slave,¬†our relationship has become so much stronger.¬† We have more intimacy,¬†we have a stronger connection than we ever had before.¬† Our sex life has become amazing.¬† It’s so amazing to feel I truly belong to someone.¬† Mistress owns me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyone not in the lifestlye might¬†have a problem understanding our dynamic.¬† Mistress beats me when I displease Her.¬†¬†Mistress beats me just because She feels like it.¬† And I can’t get enough of it.¬† I’ve always been a spanko, ever since my teenage years.¬† My spankings these days are often more intense than they used to be.¬† And no matter how hard¬†Mistress spanks me, I take it as well as¬†I can because¬†it’s what She wants. ¬†

¬†But really, it’s the little things that make such¬†the biggest¬†difference.¬† Just serving Mistress,¬†sitting or kneeling at Her feet, stroking Her hair or any of the more intimate¬†things I do for Her,¬†knowing I’m Her slave, knowing I belong to Her, makes me feel so content.¬† I’m happiest when I’m serving Her.

The last three months¬†we have really tested our relationship.¬†¬†We’re caring for a¬†sick elderly relative.¬† And there are other pressures¬†too, especially financial.¬† Living as Her slave has given me the strength to get through anything, but I’m reaching breaking point.¬† With all this stress it’s not always easy to remember my place.¬† So we’re going¬†away in a few days to recharge our batteries and reconnect.¬† I’ve promised Her I will submit to Her will totally the whole week we’re away.¬† We have a couple of new toys I bought last week.¬† A cane and a butt plug.¬†¬†We haven’t played with the plug yet, that we’re saving for our¬†vacation.¬† She has caned me several times already.¬† I¬†love the sting of the cane.¬† It’s such¬†an intense and painful¬†implement!¬† I’m sure I’ll come back from our time away armed with plenty of material for new blogs and probably a short story or two.¬† At the very least I expect to come back recharged and ready to be the best slave I can be, and to serve Mistress the best way I can.

Until then happy spankings everyone.  Keep doing whatever deliciously kinky sexy thing it is you do!


How I Started In The Spanking World

bottom5I can’t remember exactly when my need to be spanked started. There was no trigger. There was no big fanfare. There was no big event that jumped out at me and said ‘you like to be spanked!’ It just seemed to come fully formed. I guess it started when I was sixteen. That’s the earliest I can remember craving a spanking. And I do mean craving. Although, now I think of it, there was an incident that happened when I was maybe six or seven that might have hinted at desires yet to come. I remember I was at a friends house. We were in his back yard. He was tormenting his cat. His mother must have been watching because next thing we knew she’d come running out of the house, scolded him, yanked his shorts down and given him two hard swats over his underwear. Then she turned to me and asked if I’d been bothering the cat too. Of course I said no (I really don’t think I had as I’ve always loved animals) so she left me alone. I remember the relief that she hadn’t done the same to me. And yet, I also remember a strong feeling of disappointment that she hadn’t spanked me. So maybe that incident was a precursor of what was to come.

As this desire took hold, I would actually go out into the woods (I lived in a small village at the time) cut myself some switches, and take them home and whip myself with them. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it at that time, nobody who would understand, anyway. This was in the dark ages, before the internet had even been invented. I envy people just coming into the scene these days. It’s all there for them. With the click of a button you can reach out to so many people. At least you can see that you aren’t alone. For the first several years, I actually thought there was something wrong with me. I even thought of myself as a freak. I simply didn’t imagine that anyone else could want to feel the pain of a spanking.

My first breakthrough came in my early twenties. I was in a store and happened to glance up at the top shelf (in England that’s where they keep the adult magazines.) As I was looking along at the titles, my eye fell on a mag that had an image of a woman leaning over a desk, naked from the waist down looking over her shoulder at a man holding a cane over her. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Of course I bought the magazine, rushed home and read it from cover to cover. For the first time I knew I wasn’t alone in this “strange” desire. I was still uncomfortable with it, but I wasn’t alone. For a time, reading these magazines was enough. Although I was still spanking myself with whatever I could get hold of. I bought a wooden backed hairbrush. I used a power cord doubled over. Every now and then I managed to give myself a pretty good spanking. Most of the time though, I would just give up, almost crying with frustration.

My second breakthrough came when I found a fetish magazine that had contacts at the back. I found my first Pro Domme. The details of that first session are in my blog titled “My First Spanking.” All I can say is Pro Dommes are wonderful and provide an essential service for people like me who was unable to find any other way to get a spanking. I have to admit I spent a fair bit of money over time, but it was worth it.

Then came the biggest breakthrough of all. The internet. Thanks to the net I was able to meet and socialize with fellow spankos. All the people I met were so friendly and normal. I finally accepted who I am. Now I’m more than comfortable with it all. In fact on the net I openly flaunt it. I went to play parties and munches. I got spanked naked in front of a roomful of people. I really started to make up for those lost miserable years. Now I wouldn’t change who I am for all the money in the world. And the best thing of all: I met an amazing woman who I am now married to. Without my interest in spanking we would never have met. We actually met in a chat room on a spanking site. To be with her I had to make some drastic changes. I lived in England and she lives in the US. It didn’t take me long to realize that she was the one for me. We’ll be married for eight years this May. I’m so lucky to have her and she reddens my bottom any time I need or, more to the point, any time she feels like it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So that’s my story. I hope it wasn’t too boring! I can’t help wondering how many people have similar stories to tell. Especially those whose interest in spanking began before the internet was around.

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